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  • “Insta-Worthiness”: My Social Media Burn-out

    “Insta-Worthiness”: My Social Media Burn-out

    On a whole, I’ve always tried to keep an “I-post-what-I-like-and-I-like-what-I-post” attitude towards most forms of social media. Which is probably how it should be. That changed a little over time, as it probably does for most of us. It’s hard to avoid comparing yourself to others, in most aspects of life, and harder again when…

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  • New Year, Same Goals

    For those of you that have maintained interest in this little blog of mine (or, more accurately, these multiple little blogs of mine) for the few years that I have attempted to keep them up, this blog post must by now seem to be an expected, annual tradition. Or, possibly, more frequent than annual, as…

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  • Yes, I Got Lost

    Today, I needed to attend a meeting with a prospective language school where I planned to learn some Japanese (as honestly, it would just suck to be here for a YEAR and not have at least learnt a little of the language). So I looked it up on Google Maps, saw it was a 15…

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  • Reasons I Don’t Give Advice

    Anyone who has ever made the unfortunate mistake of asking me for advice (you know who you are) will now know that it is better by far to take the advice of others regarding my advice. This advice is: “If Ellie offers you advice, you’re best off doing the opposite of whatever she says.” This…

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  • For Goodness Sake Ellie, Just Turn on Your Laptop and Type

    Something I guess I struggle with a lot is getting myself into the right headspace for writing. It takes me so long to actually sit myself down and get into the writing zone. But once I’m there all sorts of nonsense just rolls out of my brain and onto a blank document.I rarely just sit…

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  • Incessant Rambling

    The problem with a blog like mine is that with no structure and/or set theme I don’t really know what I’m supposed to write. My other blogs centre around a certain topic (one is about music, the other about my year abroad in Japan) and therefore I can always think of something to write about,…

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