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  • “Insta-Worthiness”: My Social Media Burn-out

    “Insta-Worthiness”: My Social Media Burn-out

    On a whole, I’ve always tried to keep an “I-post-what-I-like-and-I-like-what-I-post” attitude towards most forms of social media. Which is probably how it should be. That changed a little over time, as it probably does for most of us. It’s hard to avoid comparing yourself to others, in most aspects of life, and harder again when…

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  • Spring: New Beginnings, New Blog

    Spring: New Beginnings, New Blog

    So the first thing to say, I guess, is welcome! You’ll have noticed a few changes around here, first and foremost, the new blog. Thankfully, I have neatly transferred over all of my old blog posts onto this blog, so don’t worry, all of my previous posts are still available if you fancy checking those…

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