It’s that time of year, once again.

It’s that time of year once again, where I reappear out of thin air to tell you about how I’m Not Setting Myself New Year’s Resolutions but I will be trying to get back into blogging (I think I’ve promised that in several of my latest posts, which were admittedly quite a while ago).

The annual Ellie May Blog (‘may’ being the key word here) new year’s post has become a bit of a tradition for me, so it felt wrong to miss it. Though in all honesty, I’m running out of ways to promise that I’m going to start blogging again, only to forget about it a week or two later. It’s hard to stay motivated, sometimes (most of the time).

Me and my boys, just added to make the blog look nicer. After all, who doesn’t love a dog pic?

2022 has been a year. That’s probably all I can bear to say on the topic for now. Let’s just say there’s been a (multitude) of reasons that have held me back from writing like I used to. I’d like to think I’m over most of these hurdles as we welcome in 2023 but life does seem to have a way of throwing thing after thing at you, so I’m sure it won’t be long before I find yet another reason not to write.

Still, I should perhaps aim to enter the new year with a little more optimism (I think we all need that). So, I’ll write my silly little blog posts on my silly little laptop and find some silly little things in life to write about (if only I could still afford to go out and eat in nice restaurants and review them – damn you, cost of living!!!). The first silly little thing being another empty promise to write more.

On a semi-serious note, I guess this new year my blogging plan is to fall in love with writing for myself again. A couple of years back, my blog actually began to do somewhat okay – I mean well enough to get me some free meals and goodies in exchange for a post. It started to become more of a chore, a constant quest to write what I thought other people wanted to hear. I’ve expressed this in the past, but I still haven’t really overcome it. And trying to do things that I think other people want, that’s a recurring theme in my life.

So I guess my opening sentiment for 2023, is a cry for me to do the things I want to do, and – just to loop this nicely back to the blog and my usual promise of writing more frequently – one of those things is to write whatever I want for my blog.


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