Classy Cocktails : The Graze Bar Portishead Review

For a while now, I’ve been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to visit The Graze Bar, a fairly new addition to my home town, Portishead.

Unfortunately, I’ve not spent much time there recently and only just found the time to visit The Graze a couple of days after Christmas, much to my sister’s relief, as she works there and has been urging me to visit since it opened.

With a beautiful view of Portishead’s Marina and gorgeous interior decor, The Graze emits a sense of elegance, right from the first sight. The venue is beautifully decorated and stepping in through the door gave me a sense of classiness, before I’d even sat down on one of their stunning, plush green chairs.

The Graze – nurtured and grown by the owner, Carly, from “Posset Treats”, a sweet delivery business – feels like something beyond a small, family business. In fact, it wouldn’t feel out of place in a busy city centre, among an array of other luxury cocktail bars, with it’s delicious, fancy cocktails and the luxurious look of The Graze. However, it’s more personable than a big-city bar, as a blossoming small business, and fits snuggly into the Portishead hospitality scene.

Upon entering, we were greeted by some of the lovely staff members, who instantly made us feel like revered guests. Throughout the night, they were all super-friendly, professional and attentive.

I didn’t get anything to eat, but The Graze offers a selection of graze boards, which have received rave reviews. I did sample two of their signature cocktails, Smokin’ Melons and Marina View, both of which were delicious.

The Smokin’ Melons was a whisky-based cocktail, which is generally a liquor I avoid, by I was intrigued by the “smokin’” aspect, so I decided to give it a go. Our waitress warned me that it was quite a unique smoky flavour, and she definitely wasn’t wrong! Despite not being the biggest of whisky drinkers, the drink was delicious and I’d definitely order it again.

The Marina View was much sweeter and something that I’d normally be much more likely to order. It also came with abit of fun, the colour changing aspect. I was given a bright blue beverage with a shot glass of lemon juice, which turned the drink a dreamy pink colour. Super exciting, however it didn’t overshadow the deliciousness of the drink itself.

Overall The Graze is a must-visit in Portishead, with plenty of exciting drinks on the menu that I’m looking forward to trying on my next visit!


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