The Annual New Year’s POst

It’s the start of a New Year, once again, which means it’s time for me to write a blog post about all my goals for the upcoming year or whatever, once again.

Of course, we know well enough by now that I hate all the New Year nonsense, the insistence that everyone needs to make a new start, a bunch of new goals that they’ll never achieve and a bunch of promises to themselves that they’ll never keep. Unless you’re one of those super humans who actually do stick to their life-changing plans. But I know that I’m not.

However, it feels a little odd to not even acknowledge the start of a new year on my blog, hence this post.

Drinking mulled wine at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland. Not relevant but I had no good New Year’s photos and this seemed seasonal enough.

Last year, I decided to write about a few upcoming blog-related plans I had at the start of the year. You can see for yourselves whether or not I was successful here. This year I haven’t actually got anything particularly exciting relating to the blog, so I don’t actually have anything like that to talk about. Of course, as usual, I want to do a little better at being consistent in my posts.

So that’s the same as last year then, and the year before. And outside of the blog, not much has changed there either. I’m still at university, so doing well in my assessments and all of that is the same. In my personal life, I’d like to not sleep in so much. But I really like sleep, so I doubt I will actually be changing that.

This sort of self-reflective, goal-setting, life-changing sort of post isn’t really my thing (in case you hadn’t already gathered so). But, like I already mentioned, it feels super wrong to not acknowledge the New Year. So I guess this is me saying “the New Year is here! I’m not really going to change anything but it’s here!” And, personally, I don’t believe the New Year is anything other than a concept, a way of keeping track of time (another concept I guess?). Therefore, all I really need to do is acknowledge it, and with this post, I consider the New Year acknowledged.


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