Twin Atlantic | Tramshed Cardiff | 24.08.2021

It’s been a while since live music was a thing. A long, long while. Which is why, when my boyfriend and I noticed Twin Atlantic were playing at Tramshed, we couldn’t resist but to grab some tickets and welcome back live music.

I’ll be honest with you, before the concert, I was not a huge Twin Atlantic fan. I knew one or two songs by name and recognised a couple of others, but I didn’t really listen to them on the regular. In addition to this, to commemorate the occasion, we did end up going for a few drinks beforehand, and, being a lightweight, I wasn’t exactly sober when the gig started. (Yep I broke my no-drink at gigs rule).

So this may not be the most comprehensive of gig reviews, but I couldn’t not write about my first gig experience in nearly two years (I think, I’m not good at maths).

We, after a quick round of pre-gig shots at Pennyroyal, got to Tramshed with just enough time to buy some beers, some merch and dump my bag in the cloakroom. I’d never been to Tramshed before and I have to say right from entering the building, I knew this was going to be up there with some of my favourite venues. Intimate enough that you’ve got a brilliant view of the stage even from the back of the room (and I wasn’t even wearing my glasses, which is a very long debate I have with myself before every gig), yet large enough to garner a pretty exciting atmosphere, Tramshed is definitely doing the whole gig-venue thing right.

Anyway, not long after we arrived, the night kicked off with the support act, Bloxx. Now, I’d heard the name before a fair few times, but I don’t think I’d ever taken the time to actively listen so I was interested to hear what they had to offer.

I was taken fairly quickly by the band, and enjoyed bobbing along to their songs. I even recognised a couple, which was a pleasant surprise. In the week that has passed since, I’ve had “Pop Culture Radio” in my head almost constantly, but not in an irritating way. I liked Bloxx, a lot more than I thought I would.

After Bloxx left the stage it was time for the main event. By this point I’d had another couple of ciders, but I was certain I’d be sweating them out soon enough, so I wasn’t too concerned. However, at this point things began to become a little bit hazy. Suddenly, the reason I don’t drink alcohol when I go to concerts (especially when I want to write a review) became very clear. But Twin Atlantic had taken to the stage and the chorus of “No Sleep” had sent the crowd into a frenzy that must’ve been double what it usually would be because judging from what I’d eavesdropped from those around me, this was most people’s first gig since Covid entered our lives. So anyway, I was drunk, gigs were back, Twin Atlantic are amazing on stage and people were throwing eachother around like they’d never heard of the pandemic. I was having an amazing time and unfortunately review writing was the last thing on my mind.

Which leads me to the part where I’d normally go a little deeper into what songs were played and what they sounded like live and all that. Believe me, all I can remember is a couple of hours that felt like the best hours of my life. I’ve loved live music and the atmosphere of gigs since I started attending them. To have that missing for nearly two years and then to suddenly experience it again was something I can not put into words. And I’m a writer.

At the end of the night, still tipsy and definitely high on the excitement of the evening, we even bumped into the lead singer of Bloxx on our way out. She asked us for hotel directions and I am praying we sent her the right way, but, um, sorry if we were wrong!

Not my finest piece of writing, and I’m beginning to think the concert reviews aren’t really my thing – maybe I should stick to food. That said, I simply enjoy sharing my thoughts and experiences on everything and anything, so I’m sure I’ll have another gig review for you all soon.


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